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#178813 New Moderators!

Posted by Shadow on 29 December 2016 - 02:12 AM

Welcome Mods!
First of all, I wish to thank each and every member who applied to be a moderator on TNI. We were overwhelmed with the number of applications we received and it made for an incredibly hard decision. Overall, we looked for skills that applicants could bring with them to help with various areas of the site like coding, organisational skills, availability and more. Again, most of the applications were of such a high standard that it made the decision a very difficult one for us!

In the end, though, not two but THREE applications stood out and we decided to choose not two, but three new mods. Could you all please join us in congratulating WEBS, ANCA and BELLE on their new appointment as TNI moderators!

We're all very excited to be working with them and look forward to watching the site keep on growing and improving. Congratulations, all three of you and welcome to the family!

#127514 Welcome to TNI's newest staff members!

Posted by Shadow on 08 February 2016 - 07:32 AM

A huge welcome to each and every one of you. Each of you have been selected carefully for your dedication to the site, your warmth and talent and the knowledge that you will help to make TNI  better in every way. Congratulations!











#1127 Thread Roulette

Posted by Dijabringabeeralong on 27 May 2013 - 02:47 AM

Sometimes it's hard to find a plot, or to get an idea. Even harder is asking someone you've never written with before for a thread.
We could all use an excuse for our characters to RP together. 

To that end, I give you: Thread Roulette.

This is essentially just a random assignment of two characters to start an RP together. I'll tag someone to start the thread and supply a prompt, which you are welcome to use or completely disregard, depending on your personal preferences. Here's how to play:

  • Reply to this thread with the name of the character you would like to play.
  • Once EIGHT members have replied, we'll randomly assign pairs of characters together, give them a topic and a thread starter, and send them on their merry way.
  • So as not to hold up the other end of the tag, the topic starter will have three days to start the RP thread. If they don't start it within those three days, the other person will be dropped back into the lottery and be given the first new tag that's assigned.
  • You can only have one active roulette thread, per character, at a time. If your thread is completed or your partner drops out for more than a week at a time, you can re-enter the roulette.
  • Each time you complete a thread or have a week gap without a reply, just reply to this thread again, and we'll re-add your character(s) to the lottery.
  • This is not necessarily a "first come, first served" game. People will be added to a general pool of requests, and we'll use a random number generator to pull out the characters that play together. Each time there are at least eight members waiting for a roulette, we'll pull the trigger, and two characters will be assigned. (So, for every 8 members in the pool, a new roulette will start.) To keep the game going, reply each time you finish a thread.
  • For tagging/pairing purposes, please sign up with your character's full account name and your alias in brackets. I c/p everything straight from the sign up posts in order to avoid spelling mistakes, so it'd just make my life a little easier if you include the full name and alias so I know who you are, I can tag you and don't have to go looking for who owns what character to avoid pairing you with your own character by mistake. If you post without the OOC handle, your post will be deleted without being added to the current round.
  • Character 1/2 refers to posting order, not to the order listed in the pairing/prompt post. 

Please keep in mind that this is meant to be fun. If you really, really, REALLY don't want to thread with someone in the roulette pool, please PM an admin so that we can keep that in mind. We will do my best not to pair people against their will. This being said, you need a viable reason why you don't want to RP with this person. Threadroulette is supposed to be random, after all, and we use an online generator to pair people up. "I just don't want to RP with them" does not count as a viable excuse. Give people a chance, and they might surprise you. 


  • One of you mistakes the other for someone else entirely.
  • Character 1 buys coffee/drink/whatever for Character 2 behind them in line.
  • Character 1 gets an awkward *beverage of choice* spilled in their lap by Character 2
  • Character 1 has to climb a tree to rescue a cat or bird and gets stuck. Character 2 has to help. Or ignore.
  • Character 1 thinks that Character 2 is the person they hooked up with last night.
  • Character 1 needs to hide from trouble and uses Character 2 for cover.
  • Character 1 pins the blame for something on Character 2 who has no idea what's going on.
  • Start the thread with the words, "Darling, stop." 
  • Character 1 has fallen asleep in a library. Character 2 must wake them up.
  • Character 1 is running a basket full of laundry upstairs, unmentionables on top, as you do, and runs into Character 2
  • Your character (Character 2) is trying to get rid of some object, and has to persuade the other character to take it.
  • One of the characters is ridiculously drunk.
  • You should know who the other character in the thread is, but you can't remember. Spend the entire thread trying to pretend you know, but try to make them reveal who they are.
  • Character 2 is on their way inside when it starts to rain. They don't remember the spell to dry off. Character 1 is commissioned for help. 
  • Character 1 is hit with a curse that makes them always tell the truth for 24 hours.
  • Character 1 is hit with a curse that makes them always lie for 24 hours.
  • Both characters are stuck in detention but only one of you is guilty.
  • Character 1 has taken a polyjuice potion (reason is up to you) and character 2 strikes up a conversation. Character 1 has to try not to reveal who they are.
  • Ah, love! Character 1 has mistakenly drunken a love potion and character 2 is the unwitting target of their affection! (effect will only last a few hours).
  • You've been made invisible for the day. What will you do with this new power? Your thread partner has to try and catch you!
  • Character 1 is avoiding someone they cannot tolerate and thus throws themselves deeply into conversation with Character 2.
  • Character 1 is being followed by Character 2 who has been cursed to act like a (creature of choice) for one hour.
  • Your characters are trapped in a broom closet together!
  • You have been hit by a rough spell and now convinced that your RP partner is your long lost cat. Bonus if you start scratching under your RP partner's chin.
  • You have mistaken the other person as someone you know and right now trying to convince him/her that you are not wrong.
  • Start your thread with the sentence; 'you are not welcome here,'
  • Character 1 is pretty sick right now, but pretending (s)he isn't. Character 2 is in close proximity to the cesspool of germs that is Character 1.
  • Character 1 has something very, very important to say to Character 2, but they're in public and Character 2 is late for something. Try to hint at it?
  • Character 1 found a note they think is from Character 2. It wasn't.
  • Character 1 is running late for work. Character 2 crashes into Character 1, spilling hot coffee all over them. 
  • Character 2 is trying to catch -discreetly- another character's attention. Character 1 is not the target, but sees them.
  • Character 1 buys the last item in a shop that Character 2 desperately needs. 
  • Character 2 is making a potion and needs absolute silence for this step. Character 1 is cursed to YELL WHENEVER THEY SPEAK. 
  • Character 1 is checking out a broom in the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies. Character 2 is standing outside the window and thinks Character 1 is checking them out. 
  • Character 1 is heading home late at night. Character 2 is walking behind them, and keeps following Character 1. 
  • Character 1 is injured (insertinjuryhere)! Character 2 is the only one nearby and has to take them to get medical attention. 
  • Character 2 needs to buy some sort of private item (i.e tampons, condoms, etc). Character 1, however, is standing right there and looking at something else in that aisle.
  • Character 1 skipped lunch and is very hungry but can't seem to find the kitchens. Cue Character 2 being asked for help.
  • Character 2 needs a specific book. Character 1 is merely reading it for fun. However, there's only one copy of the book.
  • Both characters picked up each other's bag instead of their own. They're now meeting to switch back.
  • Character 1 has been waiting for this specific item for weeks to come into stock. However, they arrive late and Character 2 has the last one. Can you convince Character 2 to give it to you instead?
  • Character 1 has been consistently doing something that Character 2 finds obnoxious, and Character 2 is about to call them out.
  • Character 1 is completing a task, but Character 2 barges through and interrupts / destroys it.
  • Character 1 is extremely busy, but Character 2 keeps finding ways to distract or interrupt them.
  • Both characters were playing wingman for friends who decided to go home together. They are now stuck together.
  • Character 1 is in a Floo but is taking their time about travelling. Character 2 is in a great hurry and tries to move Character 1 along.
  • Character 1 asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf but Character 2 finds the subject of that book distasteful and/or hilarious.
  • Character 1 takes their grades very seriously and Character 2 is asking a ton of off-topic questions to distract the professor.
  • Character 1 is having a private conversation with someone else, but it's incredibly interesting to Character 2, who can't resist interrupting.
  • Character 1 is about to do something stupid. Character 2 does not think this is a good idea.
  • Character 2 and Character 1 are at a wild party. Character 2 does not want to be there. Character 1 is drunk and looking for a new best friend.
  • Include the phrase "this isn't what it looks like, I swear" 
  • Character 1 is hopelessly lost, and asks Character 2 for directions.
  • Your characters have been inexplicably roped into volunteering at a local animal shelter. RP them surrounded by orphaned puppies and/or kittens. 
  • Character 1 and Character 2 get caught up in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes.
  • Character 2 helping Character 1 with chores.
  • Character 2 and Character 1 as rivals in a competition or contest. Character 2 wins.
  • Character 1 and Character 2 watching a very sad movie. Character 1 is crying.
  • Character 2 is hit with a curse that gives them temporary amnesia. Character 1 is stuck helping them regain their memories. 
  • Character 2 suspects Character 1 is a werewolf. Character 1 is actually hiding a more mundane secret.
  • Character 1 has taken the last of Character 2's favourite food at a buffet. What happens next?
  • You have arrived at an event wearing the same outfit, right down to shoes and accessories.
  • You have somehow ended up handcuffed together, and the key has mysteriously disappeared. . . 
  • Character 1 has a hangover, and Character 2 is being really noisy nearby. 
  • Character 2 is cornered by a bully, but Character 1 comes to the rescue.
  • Character 1 in a thrift shop (or some other locale) and you don't have enough money to pay for your items. Character 2 offers to help you out.
  • Open up a random word generator (like this one)Your first paragraph must contain at least six words from the generator (list the words at the top of your post)
  • Turn on the radio or set your preferred music player to shuffle, include the first song you hear in your starting post. You can use the song title as the thread title, include the lyrics in the thread, use the song as a general theme for the thread, or a mix of all of the above.

More to come! Feel free to give ideas in here :)




***Round #78***


Emelyn Hahn (Shadow)

Lucian Shadow (Shadow)
Niall McTavish (Shadow)
Sylvi Skovgaard (Shadow)
Allison Barnes (Krissu)
Amy Winter (Amy)
Miki Moondraunt (Mimi)
Lionel Eirwen (Jynx) 
Davina Woods (Tatum)
Maile Kanahale (Tatum)
Dimitri Dezhnev (Anca)
Katrina Tanner (Anca)
Alfonso de Medici (Gail)
Eibhleann-Sile Ni Flaithre(Amy)



***Round #79 -- Open!***

Pheobe Jordan (Laine)

Robin Baynes (Laine)
Ezekiel D'Vaccaro [Ceralilly]
Amy Winter (Amy)
Eibhleann-Sile Ni Flaithre (Amy)
Seraphina Hart (Rosie)
Devon Sebastians (Glyph) 
Josh Dragomir (Josh)
Bianca Arrabel [Ceralilly]

#191980 Welcome to TNI's newest Staff!

Posted by Shadow on 12 March 2017 - 06:48 AM


A huge congratulations to TNI's newest staff members!


I want to thank each and every one of you who applied for the staff positions advertised. We received 15 apps and there were so many of a high quality! In the end, we scored you all on time available, experience, accuracy with the test review and relevant skills and the top performers have been offered positions on TNI Staff.


Please welcome, as new CO-ADMINS: J.L, Osprey and Webs!


And, as new MODERATORS: Connie, Dolly and Meg!


I'm sure they'll work hard for TNI to help bring you all the very best RP experience possible and we wish them the very best of luck in their new positions.



#84546 Character Bonanza!

Posted by Shadow on 25 June 2015 - 04:02 AM



What does this mean? It means that for the month of July, each member will be able to bring in a maximum of 4 new characters without the 25 IC posts waiting period.
You're all a very creative bunch, and we know there's lots of people out there who look at the site and have ideas for loads of characters. We also know that sometimes it can be hard to get up to that magic 25, so this is our gift to you!
We'll be holding an AC very soon and as soon as it's over the bonanza will begin!
Bring them in one at a time, however you want to do it. Just be mindful of the PB limits!
July is my birthday month so this is my way of sharing it all with you! Have a great July!

#76665 Explanations and Apologies

Posted by Shadow on 05 May 2015 - 12:24 AM

As I'm sure you're all aware, there have been some major changes lately, most notably the exit of many notable staff and members. As I respect and love you all, I believe you are all owed an honest explanation. First and foremost, I wish to assure you all that TNI is not closing, nor is it under any imminent thread of doing so. We will continue as we always have, and will strive to keep providing you with a quality site with talented writers and fun, challenging and inclusive activities for you all.


    First, let me start by apologising to you all for things being left to turn out this way. It was never my intention to fail so terribly and yet I have. I know I don't need to explain, but I feel the need to. This is not a call for sympathy or to try to get anyone on anyone's side because as far as I'm concerned there are no sides and since I'd rather you hear the truth from me than through the gossip ring, here it is.


  I have been battling with depression and low self esteem for a very long time after going through a lot of tough things in my personal life, things I wouldn't really wish on anyone, and in the last six months or so it's only gotten worse. My biggest mistake was in drawing those I held nearest and dearest into my troubles, using their positivity to try to draw myself out, asking for constant reassurances from them that I was a good person, a good writer. Let me tell you that not one of the people who left are to blame. I am the one who became obsessive, needing their approval, and getting jealous and upset when they began to draw away.


    One of the nasty effects of having low self esteem is not being able to understand what's going wrong, not being able to see when you're pushing away the people who love you because they tried to help me, every single one of them, and in the end I pushed too hard. These people were my friends and I will continue to love them and appreciate all they did for me, but it wasn't fair of me to try using them as my personal therapists.


    Another mistake I made was trying to be more friend than admin when it came to TNI. It was so easy for me to allow the others to pick up the more difficult jobs and keeping the easy ones for myself if it meant people would like me more, and I wish to extend a personal apology to Mina and Sol for my lack of support. It's not an easy role to play, being the one who says no and lays down the rules and I was going against that by trying to please everyone. Let me say that from now on, the rules are there and will be followed by everyone, regardless of personal feelings or ranks held on the site. This is the only way we can move forward and remain strong.


    I know they won't see this, but I also wish to extend my sincerest apologies to Sunny, Chris, Kris, MK, KP, jeis and others who were always there for me when I needed someone to talk to and tried their very best to keep things together while I was falling apart.


    I left as many of you know, to take a break and to try to get the help I needed, but even during my break I was desperate for that approval and I missed writing more than anything so I wrote on a site I used to run years ago, and dabbled in some others, but none of them were TNI and I stopped writing in them when I returned here. I did see a therapist and it's ongoing and I assure you all now that I'm not the person I was and I'm committed to bringing you the very best site there is.


    For many it's too little too late. For the rest of you who remain and have shown your loyalty time and time again, I look forward to many more years of writing and friendship. I only hope that you will all give me this chance to prove myself to you and improve the way TNI is run.


    I love you all, and I'm on aim and my PM is always open if you ever wish to chat with me.


    yours, Shadow <3



For anyone battling with depression or touched by it, here is a wonderful page of international resources: http://togetherweare...lr.com/helpline

#18812 Let's talk about sex, baby

Posted by Shadow on 03 March 2014 - 03:07 AM

Ok, so the other admins and I have noticed an increase in the amount of student sex happening at Hogwarts and we wanted to explain a few things to make sure everyone is on the same page. We are NOT trying to ruin your fun! Let's get that straight first. Yes, we allow sex on the site. Yes we're 18+ so there's nothing to worry about there, but let's explain a few things first.

  • Hogwarts is a SCHOOL full of teachers and students aged from 11 to 17-18. While a lot of students are 16+ there are far MORE who are underage.
  • This means that teachers will be vigilant when it comes to protecting the younger students. Imagine the reputation of the school if a young student goes home and says "Hey mum, I saw two students fornicating in the greenhouses".
  • It doesn't mean we're outlawing sex. It just means you have to be a bit more realistic. If your student is 16+ and the prospective partner is also 16+ then yes, they're allowed to have sex but you need to be discreet. You won't be able to do it in the dorms since they're shared with OTHER PEOPLE and don't forget boys can't go into girls dorms and vice versa (it may not be canon from books, but it's canon for the site. Things have changed in the last 50 years)! Be creative, meet up in Hogsmeade, dare to hide out in the forest. JUST BE DISCREET.
  • If one student is 16+ and the other is UNDER 16? It's ILLEGAL. We won't stop you, but there will be serious IC ramifications, including possibly being thrown out of school. You can risk it, but teachers may find out.
  • Teachers WILL be patrolling actively and will punish students accordingly, depending on circumstances.
  • Finally, this applies to Hogwarts. What you choose to write your characters doing outside of the school is your business, but please don't go getting your student thrown into Azkaban! However, underage sexual threads will be monitored regardless of location.

So there you have it. Hopefully this sounds fair to everyone. You can have fun, just as in real life, but you need to be realistic and aware of what can happen.

#190129 Site Behavior

Posted by Static on 01 March 2017 - 07:10 PM

In the last couple months, we've had a number of issues in the chat box and between members that, while mostly minor alone, all put together could make the chat box and the site a rather unfriendly place for new members, particularly if these trends continue. For that reason, we wanted to address some topics that should not be brought up in chat and how they should be handled.

Mature topics/touching: TNI is an adult site, but part of the reason we are able to maintain this is by ensuring that everyone has given consent to view the mature content that they read. Hugging/groping/touching members in the chat should not be done as a form of greeting when you do not have consent from that member, and further mature topics, whether sexual, violent, or otherwise, need to be taken to a private setting, as anyone can read the chat box at any time, and you cannot obtain consent from everyone who may read it. Similarly, links that contain ANY mature content need to be clearly marked as NSFW in the same message that the link is posted.

Concerning Mental Health and Sensitive Issues: Specifically, stating that mental illnesses symptoms are "not that bad" or people should "just get up and do something about it". There are certainly people with depression/bipolar/anxiety/autism/gender identity issues who are able to function just the same as anyone who doesn't as far as anyone can tell. However, EVERY mental health issue effects every person with it differently, and every day is different. If you are not them, you don't get to say how bad it is or isn't. It doesn't matter if it sound plausible to you or not, as you are not them.

In addition things like self-harm, suicide, and suicidal thoughts must stay outside of the chat box. If you are having issues with depression, please take care of yourself and call the suicide hotline or emergency services number in your area. We take these things very seriously, and we understand that some people may need to reach out for help, but the chat box is not the place to do so. This falls under the mature topics discussion, as it can trigger others, and not everyone in the chat box can give consent to reading these topics.

Complaining: Everyone occasionally needs to vent. However, a group chat with people you don't know is rarely a good place for this, as it can influence the opinions of people who only just met you. Generally speaking, if you need to vent about real life, it's better to talk to someone you know personally. If no one is available, feel free to ask in the chat if there's anyone who you would be able to vent to in private and PM/Skype them.

Suggestions/Rule Complaints: Trust me, we get it. Sometimes you get heated and you really don't like a rule, or maybe you don't really care, you just don't understand. Whatever the case, these topics should be posted in the suggestions forum, or brought up with an admin directly.

Applications: It can take some time for apps to go through, and in the meantime it may feel like a waiting game where all you want to do is talk about your new character. While that is fine, we ask that any questions or concerns regarding the application process be directed to an admin.

Plot Blocking: Let us be perfectly clear about one thing: no one is perfect, and there may be some things about a certain member that you can't stand. Sometimes we even press each other's buttons on staff. However, that does not give you the right to try to prevent others from plotting with them.

Spreading Information/Rumors: You do not have the right to tell anyone any personal information about anyone, whether it is true or false. This includes but is not limited to: their real name, their location, their contact information, their gender, giving out pictures of the person, their relationship status, who their significant other is (on OR off TNI). There is absolutely NO scenario in which this is okay. If you are concerned that this information is being kept private as a way to manipulate or otherwise harm another member, you must bring it up with staff. We will check things out and make sure nothing is being done that might be harmful to TNI's member base. This holds true across any platform, in the chat box, PMs, or messages sent off-site.

Please note that while no one is in trouble for doing these things, if they continue from this point, warnings will be issued. We ask that all members think carefully about their behavior, particularly in the chat box, and ask for any clarification they need. We're always happy to answer questions!

#122721 Racism, Sexism, all kinds of isms

Posted by Shadow on 10 January 2016 - 03:02 AM

TNI is an awesome site. Let's get that out there right now, before anything else. We have some of the best (in my opinion) writers on the net, some wonderful, genuine, loving people who I'm proud to call friends and we, generally, get along wonderfully, which makes TNI a beautiful, successful and fun site.


TNI is a large site. Obviously it hasn't always been this way, and as we grow we make adjustments as needed to try to cover everything we possibly can, but we're always growing and adapting in an effort to keep everyone as happy as possible. After all, without happy members, TNI wouldn't get very far.


TNI is a diverse site. This is one of the biggest (and most wonderful) things about TNI. We have gathered members from all corners of the earth and, in doing so, we have countless races, sexualities, genders, skills, religions and more.




In the past, there have been a few issues in the cbox and, on rarer occasions, in threads where topics and comments that could be seen as racially/sexually/etc negative have been made. To be fair, it can be very hard to know what will be offensive to another when we haven't lived in their shoes. In an attempt to keep things as friendly as possible we want people to live by these very few, simple (and common sense) rules.


1: When in doubt, don't. This should be the easiest rule to follow. Basically, if you're unsure if the term you want to use will be racist or sexist or otherwise offensive, just don't say it. This is mostly for the cbox. Obviously some of us have characters who are simply horrible people and won't bat an eye saying such things and we, as players, are mature enough to know the difference between IC and OoC.


2: If someone says something is offensive to them, apologise and stop. Again, we don't know what could trigger another person. Abortion, miscarriage, racist remarks, religion, abuse, we've all been touched by something that can make us feel awful if we hear it, so lets be sensitive to everyone.


3: Don't be afraid to ask/educate yourself. If you have a genuine query, or wish to know more about a topic, don't be afraid to ask someone for more information. Educating yourself is the best way to ensure misunderstandings don't occur.


I think this is very fair, and something that most of us don't even have to think twice about to do and I hope this makes everyone feel as if they're in a safe, friendly and inclusive site.

#160455 Reactivations and Activity Checks

Posted by Sol on 02 September 2016 - 02:11 AM

As anyone that’s been around for an Activity Check (AC) on TNI knows, our ACs are a core component of this site and keeping things organized. They breathe new life into the site and allow a certain amount of movement for popular slots. TNI is a very active HP RP community and that is something that each and every one of us should be proud of. That being said, staff have noticed a disturbing trend recently where people will not sign ACs and/or elect to Reactivate following the AC rather than properly respond to it.

In the interest of fairness and equal treatment, names and claims are removed from lists, and accounts made Inactive when a person fails to sign the AC, regardless of whether we know the AC was missed accidentally or not. TNI is getting to be a huge site and behind the scenes ACs are a LOT of work for staff.

Reactivations have long been considered an easy out with ACs. Fail to post to the AC for whatever reason? Didn't manage a recent IC post with a certain character? You can just camp out for 48 hours and pounce on lists and the Reactivation thread as soon as we’re open for business following the freeze. This is going to change. Ultimately, we want to encourage people to respond completely and promptly to ACs.

Going forward, anyone that fails to post to an AC will need to wait two weeks (14 days) to re-claim the slots and faces they lose. Any special application positions such as Professors and Brotherhood, to name a couple, will be required to re-submit their applications for approval.

We are not doing this to punish anyone. We’ve just seen a disturbingly blasé attitude towards ACs in general in recent months and we are willing to take steps to correct this. No rules regarding the way ACs are done have been changed, it’s strictly to do with Reactivations. We continue to encourage our writers to reply to ACs sooner rather than later and to remember that a character must have at least one IC post since the conclusion of the last AC to be considered active. IC posts made during the current AC do count, so please don’t fail to reply to the AC just because you feel you won’t stand a chance post-wise- you have a week and upcoming AC dates are listed in the sidebar, make good use of that time.

Thank you all and happy writing.

#195672 Bonanza Update

Posted by Static on 04 April 2017 - 12:51 AM

Bonanza 2017
Let me preface by saying that Bonanza is not going to be the same as it once was. We hope that what we've decided to do with it will be appreciated, or at least understood by the majority of our role players. As someone who has made four characters for both Bonanza events - and completed the then 25 posts needed to make a fifth character in that one month - that is a ridiculous number. Bonanza no longer holds the same weight it once did - with our required post count for new characters lowered, it's significantly easier to obtain. Some people may be able to handle four new characters at once in July, but many cannot - most notably, the staff reviewing the applications. The fact is, Bonanza is something that each admin who has worked it dreads. We came very close to cancelling Bonanza entirely.

The Next Incantation has, at the time of my writing this, keeping in mind that Counting Is Hard, 107 active members. Assuming we get 6 new members per month (considering we have gotten 3 new members in one week, this isn't far-fetched), by July 1st, we will have 125. If each member made four new characters, that would be five hundred apps in one month. Some people wouldn't participate though, and some would only make 1-3 characters. If we had only 40 people make 4 characters, with another 40 people making some combination of 1-3 characters but evening out to about 20 additional counts of 4, that's still 240 applications in one month. Each app needs two reviews. If all seven admins did a completely even number of reviews that month, it would come to a total of nearly 69 reviews per person. That's more than two reviews per day for an entire month. On average, our admins review either every other day or once a week - making it four or fourteen reviews per day of reviewing, even if we're on every single day. Based on the average number of pendings per application, there would also be around 290 pendings that would need to be written, making it more than 41 pendings per admin. We would also need to continue to update lists, answer questions, make homes forums, ect. It's a lot of work.

However, we also enjoy certain aspects of Bonanza and agree that it does have a place on TNI. We recognize that many of our members enjoy the event and we don't want to take that away entirely. We also recognize that certain abilities are exceedingly difficult to plot, and that our members would like to see something done to make it a bit easier to make those types of characters.

To both ends, and in order to ensure that we will be able to handle Bonanza, we've decided that this July, a maximum of two characters will be permitted to be made without the required post count. However, we will also be adding another option: users will be permitted to make one character that has one of a few specific abilities without required post count and without satisfying the ability ratio.

To clarify: users will be permitted to make one character with a select ability regardless of their current ratio standards and without using up an ability slot without reaching 15 posts with their previous character OR they will be able to make two characters without their prior characters reaching 15 posts.

Which abilities fall under this ruling and specific details for how this will be handled will be announced in late June. Keep in mind that the more popular abilities will not be included - this will be solely for abilities that do not get played much.

#150265 AC Clarification

Posted by Shadow on 27 June 2016 - 12:57 AM

We've already spoken, Lea, about this new format being the one that will be used for every single AC from now on, so there is no changing. I also spoke to you about us no longer linking to most recent posts. this new format is the one that is most convenient for everyone and it will not be changed.

#97285 Oversharing and the Cbox

Posted by Crystal on 31 August 2015 - 11:33 PM

Just a friendly reminder to everyone. We know the cbox is fun; it’s a great place to socialise, plot, and all-in-all network with other members of the site – catch a staffer or a friend, or all-around omging over rolls in plot events, or plot surprises that caught you unawares in a storyline you’ve been reading that your fellows have been writing.


We also understand that sometimes it’s hard to remember that the cbox isn’t just the site and your mates. It’s also completely public. Sometimes it’s hard not to come in after a poor day and vent a little, and goodness knows we’ve all done that a time or two – and the staff aren’t going to chase after every instance of it either. What we become more concerned about is oversharing, or too-much-information. Sometimes this can be a negative thing in your life, or even positive things, or sometimes even a bit of both.


What we become concerned about is members beginning to feel uncomfortable because of oversharing. Some things, simply, should be kept more private. There’s a difference between letting folks who are asking for your attention in the box know that you’ve had a bad day, and you’re not up for chatting… and spilling all the details about why. In general, the why should stay private.


If you’ve had a bad day, it may be an idea to stay out of the box if temper may be an issue. Even if you don’t share all the details, taking your bad day out on other members, whether it be directly, or in the form of snappy comments – is a form of oversharing. If you need to have a rant, that’s what private IMs are for.


That being said, we’d like to remind everyone to attempt to be self-vigilant of oversharing, and please try and find an appropriate filter between what belongs in a public portion of the site, and what you tell people privately. Remember, the cbox is open to the entire internet. If you don’t want the entire internet to know… don’t put it there, and please remember that some people just don’t like to see it. 

#182934 Ability and Species Split

Posted by Static on 19 January 2017 - 10:57 PM

I think my main concern is the fact that NO ONE deserves an ability slot. It's not a right. It's a privilege. Some people get to play abilities, some people get to play multiple of them, but they don't deserve that because it isn't a right. They absolutely deserve to apply to the same rules as everyone else, as that is a right, and they absolutely deserve to be able to keep the characters they already have without being lashed out against, because again, that is a right. Playing a character with an ability is a privilege and not everyone gets every privilege, and the people who assume that it is a right often end up disappointed when things don't follow through because it isn't. You don't deserve an ability, I don't deserve an ability - if I'm patient and careful and yes, lucky, I might get a privilege. And you're right - some people don't get lucky, and the people who have been here longer do have a greater chance of getting lucky, but there's a flip side to that as well.

To all you newer members, if you stick around and are patient, one day you'll hit the point where you get lucky. It might not happen right away, and the wait might not be awesome, but eventually, you will almost certainly get lucky. Again, the important thing to remember is that you getting lucky and getting an ability slot is not something you deserve, it's not a right you have by signing up for this website - it is a privilege, and sometimes that privilege is harder to come across depending on what you want it for, but for someone who really wants to play a mermaid - it's super easy. Anyone who wants a mermaid just has to be in ratio and go sign the master list, and wuala - you'd have an ability. Now, if you want a specific ability things are harder and unfortunately, yes, you may have to wait. It sucks, but just like the people there before you don't DESERVE to have those abilities more than you, you don't DESERVE to have the abilities more than them. They already have the abilities, and therefore they do deserve to be able to play their characters as long as they want to and continue to do so. If you had gotten there first, then they would be the ones SOL and you would be the one who DESERVES to keep their characters.

I understand that not everyone wants a mermaid/centaur, ect, and there are some people who are waiting for a specific ability, but this suggestion will not help more people get legilimens/occlumens/empath/vampire/ect - so if that is the thing you are concerned about, post a new thread about a suggestion regarding that, but that is another matter.

Discussion needs to remain on-topic. Further off-topic discussion will not be approved and/or it will be deleted. That said, if you have more to say on the matter, you can feel free to take things politely to private messaging, provided your conversation partner is good with continuing the conversation. Calm members are welcome to discuss the matter with me if they would like.

#174337 Activity Check Rules

Posted by Sylvia Fairwood on 07 December 2016 - 04:05 AM

Now, I’m going to add my two cents to this discussion, and I come at it from knowing both sides of the fence as well, after having staffed here for over a year, beforehand.


TNI is a massive site, currently, there’s nearly 600 characters, and the last time I did a member count when I was on staff, there were over 150 members. That number may well have gone up in the 5-6 months since I stopped staffing and keeping track of all that. The staff need a way to succinctly keep track of activity, and make sure that inactive slots are rolled over reasonably often. ACs are how this has been done since I’ve been on TNI, and I’ve been here… over two and a half years now. Cleaning up after an AC is a LOT of work for the staff; HOURS of work on top of the usual hours of work that happens, and this is a side of things members don’t see. You see that sheets don’t get reviewed and claims can’t be made for 48 hours, but for staff, that time is basically spent real life job/TNI/trying to sleep.


So as Raven said, members choosing not to post in the AC, because to them it’s not a big deal, just makes a whole lot more work for staff as well. One or two people missing wasn’t a big deal, but it was always a lot more than that. So essentially we’d spend what amounted to hours doing unnecessary work by the time we removed characters that shouldn’t have been removed, and then readded them. I will admit… increasing the time frame for people who missed was one of the last ideas I put forth, but I wasn’t around for much of the following discussion on it, or the how and when it would be implemented. But we had a problem, and this seemed a way to… deal with laziness.


The problem comes with members who are active just happening to miss the AC for one reason or another. They’ve been caught in the crossfire, especially if they happen to hold some of the more popular job/ability slots. As empathetic and understanding as the staff are, they have to stick to their rules by the letter, or shouts of favouritism will colour the member chats of TNI. What constitutes a “legitimate” reason to miss an AC without an away message? Where is the line drawn? It becomes a slippery slope.


Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the AC system, even before I started playing on TNI, because I’ve never felt that they truly accomplish in reality what they’re meant to do. Inevitably, generally inactive members will pop in, make their posts, and then poof again, while actually active members who have life shit on them will lose out on their slots. It’s a lose-lose situation, and I’m never a fan of those.


My – albeit basic – suggestion here. A monthly tracker thread. In this members are responsible for posting a link to an in-character post made every month. If a character misses two months in a row, without the member being away/on hiatus, the character will be marked as inactive, and a two-week waiting period will follow before claims can be made. This way, active members will be safe from losing their slots (so long as they make their link post(s) in this thread), and actually inactive members will inevitably lapse, and if they’re holding a high-value slot, well, that’s their problem. It may also help members identify better if they’re holding too many characters for them to reasonably handle, and which of their characters they write more often/more easily.


Yes, I KNOW this is another list to post in, and be maintained, but doing an AC post takes me on average 10-15 minutes, since I always double check all of my claims, and I don’t like just using a c/p of an old one, in case I missed some change. But it’ll be a smaller turnover at the end of the month for list cleaning than a full AC, it will more likely catch the inactive characters/members, and the active members will be safe from losing their slots. Staff are already checking post links in ACs anyway to see last IC post date, so what’s the difference if this is being done a little more frequently, and members are providing the links?


I know more than most who play here just how much work running this site is, and for those who haven’t given it a go… it’s essentially a second full time job, with very little time for one’s own posting without lapsing on some of one’s staff duties. It’s a LOT of hard work, and the hours put in, over the course of a year, definitely contributed to why I don’t do it anymore. So staff, know I don’t suggest another list lightly, but I think it will better accomplish what an AC is meant to accomplish, without catching innocent members in the crossfire. Obviously, discussion on guidelines and the like will need to happen, but this is a case where I think the site has far outgrown a simple AC system, and something more adapted to the site, and the member-base is necessary.

#160415 Comfort Zone Worksheet Additions

Posted by Sol on 01 September 2016 - 11:21 PM

Everyone, please be advised that we have added new lines to the Comfort Zone Worksheet (CZW). Going forward, all applications will be required to use this new version of the CZW. While not mandatory to update ALL character sheets, we do urge all writers to, at the very least, update the CZW of their primary character.

We also want to take this as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of communicating clearly with your writing partners if you or the other is wishing to write about potentially sensitive and/or triggering subjects. Communication is key and it is a two way street. Please be certain to read over your writing partners’ CZWs before pushing to do certain plots.
On the other side of that, if you are writing with someone and find the subject matter is becoming uncomfortable, please notify your partner. A lot of the time, miscommunications such as the above can cause undue strife between writers. Remember- none of us are mind readers (except possibly Petra)! Communication and respect are where it’s at!

Thank you all and happy writing.

#160409 Results of the Head Boy/Head Girl Competition 2053-2054

Posted by Sol on 01 September 2016 - 09:19 PM

Thank you again to everyone that submitted applications for the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl. The competition was very close- each application had pros and cons and each and every character that applied brought something different to the table. There were no ‘perfect’ applications and we appreciate all applicants’ honesty in providing their characters’ high points and low points. 

  Ultimately, the characters chosen as Head Boy and Head Girl were chosen based on their approachability, ability to lead, their suitability to a role that requires a great deal of wherewithal and potential for conflict, and both students' ability to function together well as a collaborative unit.

  Head Boy for the class of 2054 is: ADRIAN HARRIS

  Head Girl for the class of 2054 is: MINDY PRUITT


Posted by Kelli on 13 April 2016 - 02:56 PM


As you may have been able to see, the Daily Prophet forum and the site announcements have become two separate forums. This is because starting now the DAILY PROPHET will only be used for IC posting, and I, Kelli will be taking it over. Of course the other admins will be helping me along the way as, I am not the best at coding. Each Sunday a paper will be posted, that will have all the major TNI IC stories for the week.

In order to do this properly I need the help of all regular members as well, as admins/mods. I would like people to PM me IC stories, or important IC news, that I can deem them important enough to report into the weekly Daily Prophet. If you have a story or news you may write the article and PM it to me. I will put it into the paper and post the paper up once a week. So please keep an eye out for any stories or news that happens to your characters, or other peoples characters, and go ahead and PM me.

* Please only report important news or stories that would realistically be in a real paper
* Please use proper punctuation, and/or capitalization for your articles
* Please understand that not every single article will make it into the paper if there isn't enough room. Only the most relevant, or important articles will make it in. We are only human so we will do our best
* Please keep stories/news articles on the shorter side, so we can fit as many stories as possible.

Thank you,
Kelli (Quidditch, Open threads, and Daily Prophet Admin)

#114148 Bachelor Auction sign up!

Posted by Lucian Shadow on 16 November 2015 - 08:11 AM

Name: Lucian Shadow
Age: 35
Occupation: ...Philanthropist *tongue in cheek*

#107989 Muggles wanted!

Posted by Shadow on 17 October 2015 - 01:46 AM

Secret Salem Society


The non magical world is pissed off and rightly so. Terrified at the realisation that magic is REAL and shown through Kings Cross that magic is dangerous, a group of insurgents are on the hunt for blood. The SSS are angry, scared and want to protect their own from this new threat and will stop at nothing to get rid of magical beings.


Perhaps your character lost someone special at Kings Cross.

Maybe they've always had a fear of anything they didn't understand.

Perhaps they just have a bad attitude and a desire to spill blood.


These people should be 18+ and more than capable of repeating the events of the Salem witch hunts. Anyone in a leadership role should be 30+. We want people who will hunt magical beings down. We want scientists who want to know how magic works and are willing to capture and do experiments. We want madmen who laugh as their victims are strung up and burned.


Alternatively, perhaps your muggle wants peace, wants to make a refuge for fleeing witches and wizards. 


A war is coming and you could play a pivotal part in it!


Please reply with your character ideas! 


  • SSS members
  • Scientists
  • Peacemakers
  • Politicians
  • Scaremongers
  • Religious Zealots
  • Squibs stuck between worlds
  • A muggle in love with a Witch/Wizard
  • so many possibilities!


For every war, there's an army. Here are the ranks that need to be filled.


Field Marshal:  The boss of the entire operation. Should be smart, mature, quick, skilled, a strong leader. Preferably 40+


General: In charge of smaller groups within the SSS, organisation and intelligence. 30+. At least 4.


Soldier: Organised into groups to fight the magic users. Armed with weapons, discreet, angry but organised. 18+. 5 per group.


Triage: The nurses and doctors for the SSS. Qualified or not. 18+. 5 only.


Scientists: These are the ones who want to keep magic users alive to run tests. Kind or cruel, your choice. 25-30+. 5 only.


Civilians: Friend or foe of magic kind. As many as needed.

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